About Spring Bulbs

As a Dutchman once said, “It’s not really spring unless you’ve planted a hundred bulbs in the fall.” Agreed. Now that it’s October buy bulbs ASAP for best selection and store in a dry, low light, low humidity area with temperatures in the 50-70 degree range.

The ideal time to plant is when soil temperatures are consistently below 55 degrees. When exactly is that time?

  • When we’ve experienced a killing frost (tomatoes, annuals are blackened)
  • Deciduous trees and shrubs are fall coloring strongly and starting to drop their leaves.
  • Check Chalet’s home page where we post current soil temperatures (just as we do in spring)- updating every Monday and Friday morning.

For maximum bloom quality don’t forget to fertilize your new bulbs. We highly recommend Dr. Earth Organic Bulb Food (3-14-2) broadcast over the soil surface after planting is completed. Squirrels are delighted with freshly disturbed soil (not the bulbs) and can wreak havoc by discovering the bulbs as a bonus while frisking about in your garden. Check with us for easy-to-use, earth-friendly repellents.

Now you can shop your spring blooming bulbs online. Shop our curated online selection, or visit our store for the largest spring-blooming bulb collection on the North Shore. Free in-store pick up or free local delivery of orders $200+.