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Chalet Chicago Indoor Plant + Planter Collection

Bring nature inside and shop our big selections of fresh indoor plants, including Instagram-worthy houseplants, pet-friendly plants, orchids and one-of-a-kind rare plants. Each plant is cared for by our horticultural experts, so they are as happy as healthy as they get. Visit our store in Wilmette today to pick your own or shop us online and select curbside pick up or local delivery. Need some assistance from our plant expert in selecting the right plant for you? Make a 15-min appointment today.

Low Light Tolerant

Even if you don't consider yourself a green thumb, there are plenty of beginner's houseplants that are tolerant of low-light.


Air Purifying

Choosing the right air purifying plants for your home can actually help detoxify the air in your living spaces. So not only do houseplants look lovely but they also work hard to clean the air you breathe in.



Philodendron comes in a variety of leaf shapes and colors, making it a great plant to compliment your home decor while also being low maintenance.



Calatheas are bold and beautiful houseplants with many varieties. The most common has luscious, dark green leaves with scalloped edges and silver brush marks on the top of the leaves with a burgundy abaxial.


Chinese Evergreen + Dumb Cane

Chinese Evergreen and Dieffenbachia are easy to care for and their bright colors and vibrant leaves provide an instant impact in your home.


Hanging Baskets

These hanging baskets are perfect to add some greenery to a room even when you have little floor space.


Flowering Indoor Plants

Bring bright colors indoors with these show stopping blooms. Use blooming fertilizer and plenty of light to grow flowers year round.


Rare | One-of-a-kind

Check out RARE by Chalet, our curated collection for those exotic and hard-to-find plants.


Houseplant Essentials

A collection of everything a plant parent needs to help their plants thrive year round, including informational and plant decorating books.


Indoor Planters

Planters are a perfect way to add a pop of color to your home. Our guide has the best planters for every home and every plant.


Orchids & Orchid Essentials

Orchids are easily everyone's favorite flowering plant. Find new orchids, and orchid success items in this collection.


Succulents + Cacti

All succulents are cacti, but not all cacti are succulents. Both make low maintenance houseplants as long as they get bright light.


Shop All Plants

Enter Chalet's lucious greenhouse and explore all of our top quality indoor plants in this collection.


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Looking for additional guidance? Book an appointment with one of our plant experts to pick the best one for you.

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Houseplant Videos

Check out our video content including informative webinars where you can learn more about your indoor plants. 

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Tips and tricks from the experts at Chalet to keep your plants happy and healthy year-round.

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