Windy City Paws

Chalet's trusted partner, Windy City Paws, is Chicago’s top-rated dog-walking service. We love them because they do individual walks and your dog gets the same walker every day.

We asked WCP what products they recommend to their clients and employees and they provided us with their tried and true product recommendations that you can find at Chalet! Shop the entire collection here.


1. Paw Thaw Ice Melt is a fantastic alternative to standard rock salt or other ice melting options. Rock salt along with other ice melting options can cause chemical burns on a dog's paws as well as being destructive to hardwood floors if tracked inside. Paw Thaw Ice Melt is a pet safe alternative that won't harm your pups paws and it not corrosive or harmful to plants, making it a fantastic choice for homeowners!


2. Pawz Rubber Disposable Booties are the go-to option for any dog owner looking for boots for their dog. They are reusable, disposable, and 100% biodegradable as well! Dog boots such as Pawz are meant to help keep a dog's paws safe from salt burns, snowballing (when clumps of snow gather up between their paws), and are also great for hotter days too to keep them safe from the scorching pavement. Although Pawz are not the easiest dog boot to get on a pup, their biggest advantage lies in the fact that they don't impede a dog's contact with the ground like a soled dog boot would, making them a great choice for older dogs or any dog having a hard time getting traction on hardwood floors in the home.   


3. Musher's Secret Paw Protection Balm is the go-to choice for those dog owner's who have a pup that won't let their paws be touched or for those who have difficulty with the manual dexterity needed to put boots on. Musher's Secret is easy to use and only needs to be applied once a day before the first walk to last the whole day! It creates a safe layer over the paw that protects the dog from the chemical burns and snowballing they might experience when walking over salt or out in the snow. Musher's secret is also great for any dogs or cats with dry cracked noses due to the cold or if they're having any hotspot issues on their skin!


4. Yaktrax Walkers are a must have tool for any dog owner or dog walker looking to prepare for a Chicago Winter. They easily slip on over any shoe or boot and allow you to safely traverse icy and snowy conditions while walking a pup without the fear of taking a tumble. These are especially great when navigating up and down icy stairs or just when dealing with a higher energy pup while out on a walk during the winter. 


5. Merrick Fresh Kisses Dental Dog Treats are the best of both worlds when it comes to dental treats. Many on the market will either focus on fresh breath or cleaning the teeth but not both. Luckily, Fresh Kisses manages to do both while being softer and chewier than most other dental treats on the market. This means that instead of just biting chunks off and swallowing, your dog will actually be chewing on it for a duration of time! In addition to this, the ingredient list is small and full of all-natural ingredients, making them an excellent overall choice for anyone looking to cure their dog's stinky breath.


6. Greenies Dental Treats for Cats are a crunchy snack packed full of essential health benefits. The unique shape of each treat is designed so that it scrapes away plaque and tartar as your cat chews, promoting healthy teeth and gums in conjunction with routine brushings. They are also fortified with added minerals and vitamins and at less than 2 calories per treat which makes an excellent treat choice for any cat who enjoys the crunchier side of things. They also come in a variety of flavors so you can pick the one your cat likes the best!


7. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness: Probably the most versatile harness on the market today! This harness really is an easy choice as it has several configurations you can utilize it in, but following the default chest clip setup is the preferred choice. Being a chest-clip harness, it helps to curb pulling in dogs and gives you greater control over them on walks. This option is fantastic for those with puppies learning to leash walk, or any dog owner who has been experiencing a pup that likes to pull on walks!   


8. Baskerville Basket Muzzle: Muzzles have garnered a bit of a bad reputation due to the perception that any dog that wears them is aggressive. This is often not the case, and one of the best uses of a muzzle is to help stop a dog from picking up and eating anything they find on a walk. It's due to this reason that I often recommend this muzzle as it has a comfortable rubber design that prevents a dog from picking things up off the ground, but is still open and free enough for them to comfortable pant, drink water, and be given treats. A fantastic tool for anyone who has a dog with lots of allergies that also likes to eat anything they find!


9. The Petsafe Gentle Leader is a great training tool and aide for any dog owner that has a dog that likes to lunge at other dogs or people on walks. It is also a fantastic tool for helping to train and reinforce the heel command in dogs is it gently brings their attention back to you and away from any distractions. The design fits snugly around their snout but does not impede a dog's ability to pant, drink water, or take treats!

Learn more about Windy City Paws here and take advantage of their Special Offer for Chalet customers. 


Katie, Owner of Windy City Paws Katie founded Windy City Paws in 2009. After working in the financial world and using dog walkers for her dogs – she was never fully satisfied with the service. When the financial industry crashed, she decided to refocus on her love of animals. She took a break from the corporate world and started walking dogs in the city. She realized how much she loved it and saw the peace of mind and value she was able to bring to her clients. She understood both what a client needs and wants in a dog walking service and also what the walker needs and enjoys as well. 

Marco Rago, Field Operations Supervisor at Windy City Paws
Marco has been around animals his whole life with dogs, cats, birds, fish, and small furry critters. He now owns two rescue pit-mixes Mako and Hercules, affectionately dubbed “the Nerd Herd.” Marco trains and assists all Windy City Paws employees in the field.