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Mixed Hardwood :

  • Burns hotter (better for heating and cooking)
  • Burns slower (lasts longer)
  • Harder to light (requires cedar kindling or starter)
  • Tends to be aromatic

Birch :

  • Burns very hot
  • Burns fast (Does not last as long)
  • Bark is very easy to light

A bag contains 12-18 16" logs. Each box contains 50-60 logs. 1/2 Face Cord is 2 boxes and when stacked is 4' by 4'. A Face Cord is 4 boxes and when stacked is 4' by 8'. A Full Cord is 12 boxes and when stacked is 4' by 24'. Wood pieces are cut in various shapes and may vary per order. Length is 16". Call 847-256-0561 for additional size options. 

Lead time for delivery: 5-7 days. 

Returns accepted within 14 days with receipt (e-mail confirmation). Refunds issues only in original tender. Please no returns on sale, holiday, altered, or special order merchandise. Returns without a receipt receive store credit at the lowest price offered. Thank you! Annuals, perennials, roses, specialty and indoor plants carry no guarantee.

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