Chinese Evergreen


 Effortlessly classy describes Aglaonema (or Chinese Evergreen). These plants add a splash of vibrant foliage in lower light areas around your home. Many Chinese Evergreens have silver or white markings on the leaf, newer varieties have red or even gold colorations. Choose a smaller plant for a counter or shelf or a larger plant to decorate any room in the house. EASY to grow, they don’t want to be too dry, but they do like to be a little on the dry side between waterings.  

Speaking of bright foliage, the cousin to Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia can add an air of excitement to your home décor!  Dieffenbachia has been grown for a very long time! The plant is named for a botanist from the 1800’s!  Newer varieties are pretty compact and are ideal for the desk or countertop.  They are better for brighter lit rooms or areas in the home.  

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