Chalet's Featured Christmas Trees for the 2023 Season

The holiday season is upon us, and as the air turns crisper and the aroma of cinnamon and cloves fills our homes, there's one timeless tradition that takes center stage – selecting the perfect Christmas tree. At Chalet, we understand that the right tree can transform your living space into a festive wonderland. Join us on a journey through our recommended Christmas trees, as we unveil the magic behind each choice.

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1. Fraser Fir – The Unrivaled Favorite

Species: Abies fraseri  

Appearance: Short dark green needles with blue undersides.  

Attributes: Excellent needle retention, distinctive fragrance, good branch firmness with semi-open branching habit.  

Why Choose Fraser Fir? As the most popular Christmas tree, the Fraser Fir boasts not only a beautiful appearance but also a signature fragrance that instantly transports you into the holiday spirit. Its short needles with a blue hue underneath create a stunning visual effect, providing the perfect backdrop for your ornaments and lights.

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2. Canaan Fir – Nature's Elegance

Species: Abies balsamea ‘Canaan’ 

Appearance: Short dark green to silver-green needles. 

Attributes: Very good needle retention, excellent fragrance, very good branch firmness with semi-open branching habit.

Why Choose Canaan Fir? Elevate your holiday decor with the Canaan Fir, a tree that exudes elegance and sophistication. With its silver-green needles and excellent needle retention, this tree provides a canvas for your creativity. Its semi-open branching habit allows ample space for your favorite ornaments and twinkling lights.

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2. Balsam Fir – The Traditional Classic

Species: Abies balsamea 

Appearance: Short dark green needles. 

Attributes: Good needle retention, excellent fragrance, very good branch firmness with an open branching habit.

Why Choose Balsam Fir? Embrace tradition with the timeless beauty of the Balsam Fir. Known as the 'traditional' Christmas tree, it combines a classic appearance with the enticing fragrance that defines the holiday season. The open branching habit ensures that your cherished ornaments find a perfect place to shine.

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Choosing Your Perfect Tree

Selecting the ideal Christmas tree involves considering several factors that contribute to the overall festive experience. Here's what most people prioritize:

  1. Fragrance and Appearance: Trees should boast a fresh, pungent fragrance and a natural waxy, green appearance. 
  2. Branch Quality: Limbs should be bushy, full, symmetrical, and strong enough to support ornaments. 
  3. Personal Preference: Individuals often choose a species based on color, form, texture, fragrance, and needle retention. 
  4. Needle Retention: Firs, including our featured trees, are renowned for their superior needle retention, ensuring that your tree remains vibrant throughout the holiday season.

This year, let your Christmas tree be more than just a decoration – let it be a symbol of joy, tradition, and the magic of the season. Visit Chalet and bring home the enchantment of our featured Christmas trees for a celebration that will be remembered for years to come.

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