Fresh-cut Christmas Trees

This year, make a tree-picking visit to Chalet a new holiday tradition. We understand that every dollar counts especially during the holidays, and we are excited to share good news: New price drop in our Christmas trees, now our fresh-cut trees start at $59.99.  Select three tree types – Balsam, Canaan, or Fraser Fir, the all-time favorite. Rest assured that they are the same Chalet quality, with a bigger selection and better prices. If you need assistance, schedule a 15-minute shopping consultation and one of our Chalet experts can help you select the right tree. Ask about tree set up and removal services. You can also read our blog to learn more about each tree type.


Balsam fills the room with a refreshing forest scent, creating a cozy holiday vibe. Its needles are soft to the touch, making them pleasant to handle and less likely to cause irritation. It comes in a classic, symmetrical shape with dense, dark green foliage, offering good needle retention. Starting at $59, Balsam is the perfect budget-friendly option.

Starts at $59


In a beautiful, symmetrical shape with soft, long-lasting needles, Canaan produces a pleasant, citrusy fragrance, adding a delightful aroma to your home during the holiday season. Known for their excellent needle retention, Canaan firs tend to hold their needles well, minimizing shedding and maintaining their freshness for an extended period.

Starts at $89

Fraser Fir

The all-time best seller year after year, Fraser Fir trees have excellent needle retention. Its wonderful fragrance is described as a combination of citrus and pine, Have strong, upward-turning branches that are perfect for displaying ornaments Harvested from a family-owned farm, our Fraser Fir trees are 100% natural without color enhancement.

Starts at $99

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