Vegetable Gardening | Grow Your Own

Shop with Chalet for greatest chance of success with the edible plants in your garden. We offer a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, fruit and even edible flowers that you can grow inside, outside, or on a patio. These plants can make great gifts for seasoned and novice gardeners and come in many different stages of life. Check out Chalet's own compost and mulch for added success and make sure you have the right fertilizer to help your plants produce the highest quality produce.


Herbs are easy to grow inside and out. All they need is sufficient sunlight.



Get a true farm-to-table experience with Chalet's top quality vegetables.


Raised Garden Beds

Raise your standards and your garden bed to deter weeds and pests.


Growing Essentials

Use these expert-recommended products to protect and nourish your home garden.


Edible Seeds

Grow your own food from seed with our wide selection of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


Fruit Trees & Shrubs

Apple, pear and cherry trees have beautiful blooms, but don't forget about berries & figs.


Success with Veggies Video

Watch this video where our horticulturist explains best practices for veggie gardening.