If you are already a member, see below to learn how to unlock your rewards points.

The first step to access your rewards points:

First, log into your account using the email address every time you make a purchase with us online or in store. This is imperative to ensure we calculate the correct amount of points you’ve earned based on your purchases. You will then find a new Rewards tab on the left hand side to view and track your current point balance!

How do you redeem your points for discounts? It's simple:

In-store: All you need to do is share your email address at check out and the cashier will be able to apply your rewards towards your purchase. Please note that points can be redeemed in increments.

Online: Please make sure that you are logged into your account. When you reach the Checkout Page, View the dropdown menu on the right hand side and you’ll see your applicable certificates (and point balance) to apply towards your purchase. If you login to your Account Page and navigate to the Rewards tab, you'll also see your point balance there.

For Landscape Customers: Your points are calculated and earned when an invoice is paid by the due date.

How reward certificates are calculated

Every dollar you spend equals one point. Every three points equals to a one dollar discount. Here is a helpful grid of the rewards certificates you can expect:

Spend $250-$499 = 333 points = $10 Reward Certificate

Spend $500-$999 = 833 Points = $25 Reward Certificate

Spend $1000-$1999 = 1666 Points = $50 Reward Certificate

Spend $2000-$4999 = 3333 Points = $100 Reward Certificate

Spend $5000-$9999 = 6666 Points = $200 Reward Certificate

Spend $10,000+ = 8333 Points = $250 Reward Certificate

Chalet Rewards | Additional Benefits

In addition to the Reward Certificates Chalet Rewards members have exclusive offers and special discounts, advance notice of special events and seminars, invitations to Rewards member only events including Chalet’s Year-end Holiday Preview Party.

Rewards are not earned for:

Unpaid invoices or invoices not paid by the payment due date, labor, delivery, sub-contractor work, debris removal, and replacement plants. Purchases using Rewards Certificates or Chalet Gift Cards as a method of payment. Points are not rolled over from one purchase period to another, however, you do not have to use all your points at one time.

This is a permission based (opt-in) only program; you must sign up to participate. Previous purchases are not eligible for Chalet Rewards points. Returned items will show on your account as deducted points. Chalet reserves the right to change or rescind the Chalet rewards program at any time.

By signing up for Chalet Rewards program, you are also agreeing to receive Chalet marketing emails. You can always choose to opt out from our marketing emails.

If you have any questions about the Chalet  Rewards Program, please contact us at hello@chaletnursery.com or call us at 847-256-0561. stay tuned for more announcements about upcoming new perks and features for our Chalet Rewards program.