Stepping Outside of the Basket: Easter Gift Giving

Stepping outside of the basket: Easter gift-giving

When Easter and spring hop along, kids and adults look forward to beautiful baskets filled with vibrant dyed eggs, yummy chocolate and jelly beans, and bunny-themed goodies. Yes, adults can enjoy baskets too! If you haven’t in the past, you now have permission! These bundles are not only a favorite tradition but also the start to welcoming spring. Before we show you how to create a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift, let’s look back at the beginning of the Easter basket.

Easter baskets are a mix of folklore and tradition, having been around for more than a thousand years. In the 13th century, the German people believed in many different gods and goddesses. Eostre was the goddess of fertility, and her symbol was the rabbit. Upon Spring Equinox which marked the end of winter, farmers would take baskets of seedlings to Eostre’s temple to increase the chances of a fruitful harvest and strong crops. To this day, farmers know that this is the season of new life and renewal.

Legend says that Eostre found a wounded bird and turned it into a hare, so the fur would keep the animal warm. This hare was then able to lay eggs, and this story, according to German folklore, turned into Osterhase, or the Easter hare. The Easter hare was a white rabbit that would bring colored eggs in baskets to the good children on the holiday. When the German people settled in the U.S., the tradition continued, and the Easter hare eventually became the Easter bunny we all know and celebrate!

Today, Easter baskets are available for all ages and suit all kinds of people. Gift baskets are a great way to bring goodies together for specific people without much effort. They can be created in fun, distinctive ways and presented as one-of-a-kind gifts.

Here are some unique ideas created at Chalet that you can emulate!

For the Hoppy Hostess

This is a soft alternative to the traditional wicker Easter basket. Fill your container with a blooming plant, moss, and a cute bunny. This can be used as a centerpiece or a gift for a special hostess.

For Your Favorite Gardener

Fill a beautiful urn to the brim with gardening goodies. A curated collection of bright and colorful plants, seeds, gloves, and tasty treats is sure to result in two green thumbs up!

For the Outdoors-Loving Child

We all want to give kids gifts they will treasure long after the sweets are gone. In a pair of rain boots or an open umbrella, put a Sunny-Side Up Garden, kite, and other special items that bring your pint-sized family outside to enjoy this special season.

For the Egg-Mazing Man

Finding the right gifts for men can be tricky. It’s difficult to find something they don’t already have and that makes a statement. The perfect picks are usually items they didn’t realize they needed or wanted.  Fill a crate with must-have man gifts: succulents, some Tactile Craft Co. leather goods, and man munchies from Sugarfina or Stonewall Kitchen.

For your Furry Friend

Last but never least, be sure to include your fuzzy companion in the gift-giving. Prepare a nice ceramic bowl with all-natural treats and tempting toys they won’t be able to keep their paws off of!

The most important thing to remember when giving a gift basket is to let your creativity flow and “think outside the basket.” An Easter basket is a way to show others how much they mean to you, so have fun with the holiday gift and make something special they will never forget. Need more ideas? Let our staff help you pick yours out.

Happy Spring!