Staff Picks "Grow Inside" Indoor Plant Spotlight

January is Indoor Plant Month here at Chalet. We asked our staff members to tell us about their favorite indoor plants. Meet some of our team members and discover new plants.

Maddy, Landscape Designer 


Favorite Plant: Monstera Deliciosa

"Commonly known as the Swiss Cheese plant, this fast-growing and easy-care plant makes a big impact in the space! Their cuttings make perfect gifts for my friends and family." 


Sandy, Chief of Staff


Favorite Plant: White Fox

"Succulents remind me of my mom and the walks we take in the Arizona deserts. They’re easy to take care of and keep a crisp look over time with no trimming or maintenance needed!"


Jennifer, Horticulture Information Specialist

Favorite Plants: Meyer Lemon Tree and Bearrs Seedless Lime Tree

"In the off-season, they make wonderful houseplants, living in a sunny west-facing window. When they are in bloom, the entire house has a wonderful citrus flower fragrance. The fruit they produce is juicy and delicious – I make my favorite birthday cake with the lemons and enjoy the limes in my drinks. Both of these plants live outside in full sun during the summer." 


Sarah, Customer Relation Manager  

Favorite Plant: Bird of Paradise

"The big leaves and bold foliage on the Bird of Paradise complements home decor. Its tree-like height makes a statement and adds presence to a room. Easy to care for, this plant will last a long time. Fun fact! The leaves can purify the air, making it a useful addition to the home."


Nina, Assistant Plant Buyer 

Favorite Plant: Peace Lily 

"The Peace Lily is an incredibly classy plant in my opinion. I'm a fan of the dark green leaves and how it occasionally flowers. It's a natural air purifier, and incredibly low maintenance."


Alice, Landscape Design  

Favorite Plant: Schefflera Tree

"I’ve had this Schefflera plant for about 25 years; I bought him when I got my first office at a previous job. He’s been on the brink of death a couple of times but always pulls through. The leaves also remind me of the top of the head of this guy from a Bugs Bunny cartoon."


Diana, Assistant Plant Buyer

Favorite Plant: Monstera Family 

"It’s such an underrated family because of the commonality of the Swiss Cheese plant, but there are so many varieties out there. Monsteras are one of the first plants you see in the wild in tropical regions. Love having these jungle plants in my home, they make me feel like I am in Hawaii again. So far from my experience, Monsteras are easy-care plants that grow rapidly. So if you are a person who likes to see growth in a short period of time, the Monstera family is for you."


Lawson, Business Technology Manager 

Favorite Plant: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

"I love the way it grows. It’s as if it has a mind of its own. It grows in a vine-like way in all directions, across the table down the legs and even wrapping itself strategically around wires, other plants, photo frames and more. It’s very resourceful as it finds the light it needs to thrive in most settings I put it in. Its leaves are similar to the popular monstera in that it has fenestrations which are basically holes in the sides of the leaves. Monsteras usually have to mature for a few years before seeing this, whereas  ‘RT’ have them early on."


Des, Customer Care Manager 

Favorite Plants: Parlor Palms and Hibiscus

"These tropical plants remind me of all the times I went to visit my grandparents in Florida as a child!" 


Stephanie, Content Producer

Favorite Plant: Selloum Philodendron (Tree Philodendron)

"This large leafed philodendron is similar to the Monstera in care, but grows like a tree instead of a vine. Much easier to maintain long term, but still takes up a lot of space!"


Margaret, Facilitator 

Favorite Plant: Kalanchoe

"I love Kalanchoe because it’s a bright spot of color in the middle of winter and it’s fun!"


Michi, Marketing Director

Favorite Plant: Piper Crocatum

"I fell in love with this plant as soon as I saw it;  its silver undertones and red veins evoke a classic, yet modern vibe. The velvet feel of the leaves is the icing on the cake."


Paige, Signature Designer 

Favorite Plant: Earth Star Bromeliad

"It is so unique. It’s full of color, it's got an awesome texture. It is even a little serrated, so it’s a little spiky. Also, it is super low-maintenance; it doesn’t like high light, making it a low-light plant. It doesn’t want a lot of water. You can just leave it alone and it stays beautiful!"


Debbie, Landscape Production 

Favorite Plant: Snake Plant

"It is absolutely stunning and easy to care for. It grows in bright, indirect light, so it’s perfect for windowsills, offices, tables, and coffee tables. If you spin the Snake Plant a little as it grows, it gives it the effect of seaweed and that fish could be going through there. I recommend the Snake Plant!"