Setting the Perfect Table


During the next few weeks, we will be sitting down to numerous holiday meals with family and friends. Planning a beautiful tablescape is just as important as planning the perfect menu. A beautifully set table can elevate your holiday meal from great to perfect. Let Chalet walk you through the basics of a perfect tablescape!


You want to start any table setting by covering the table. Linens not only protect the table from spills and scratches, but also add an elegant backdrop for dishes, stemware and of course food. Next, layer with more texture by adding placemats, chargers, napkins and finally dishes. A bountiful brunch can be served using rustic rattan chargers with melamine dishes and then switched to an elegant dinner using gold chargers and china. Layering adds depth and interest to the tabletop.


One element that can make the biggest impact is the centerpiece. There are just a few rules to follow. Firstly, don’t let the centerpiece overwhelm the table. It shouldn’t block the view of guests sitting across from one another. Centerpieces should be low enough to see over the top, or very tall and thin so that guest can see around them. Get inspired and create the perfect centerpiece to wow your family and guests. Use lanterns, wooden boxes, or whatever you have on hand to create the perfect centerpiece vessel. Bring a natural element to the table using fresh holiday greenery and garland embellished with pine branches and wooden beads. The possibilities are endless…. Let’s get creative!


Every table needs a bit of sparkle and shine. Adding a little bling to the table is easy. Glass and metal are a perfect way to add sparkle and shine. Crystal candlesticks or metallic votive holders will add a special holiday touch and create a reflective surface for the candle glow. The crystal adds a touch of elegance while the metallic give a more rustic feel to the table. Candles will light up your table with a warm and inviting luminosity. The more the merrier, but make sure to always use unscented at the table. You do not want to interfere with the foods aroma. Twinkling fairy lights woven through your greens or centerpiece add a perfect glow to the season. Battery operated candles are also a nice, easy option. Don’t worry about leaving them unattended. They can even be placed on timers. Follow just a few of these accent tips and your holiday will shine in the memories of your guests for years to come!

Just for fun, top each place setting with a takeaway gift… Place a shiny ornament on the plate or tuck a yummy chocolate bar into the napkin. This is a sweet gesture that lets your guest know that you are thrilled to have them at your table.

Stop in to Chalet and let us help you create your beautifully set table. Delightful cuisine deserves a presentation worthy of your efforts.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Chalet!

Donna Bloxsom
Home Decor Specialist