Chalet Landscape Opening Day


Each winter at Chalet we spend time learning, designing, and planning for spring. Throughout most of December, January, and February the thought of spring seems foreign and it’s hard to imagine that warmth, sunshine, and color are possibilities outside our windows. The dark and gray of winter hangs over everything like a not so warm blanket. But then the calendar turns to March. The sun is slightly higher in the sky and if you stand still, out of the wind, it may actually warm your skin. Birds chirping as the sun rises reminds you there may actually be brighter, warmer days ahead. Spring is coming.

Chalet is a Design-Build landscape company, meaning we install the landscapes we design. In the Midwest, that means our install work is seasonal and we have to work while the weather allows. When December starts, most of our seasonal employees head south for the winter, the trucks remain parked, mowers and blowers are serviced and put away for the winter, and a quiet atmosphere takes over the office. But as spring approaches, there’s an anticipatory buzz that can be felt. Phones start ringing more often, there’s a quicker pace to the footsteps around the office, and a renewed energy takes over. This crescendo of anticipation peaks each year on April 1st. Opening day at Chalet.


Opening day officially marks the start of the landscape season and over 150 staff members return to start the new year. Most of our staff, especially the crew foremen have been with Chalet for many years. In the case of several, this marks their thirtieth-year leading crew members and applying their expert skills. Many others are new to us each year and some new to the landscape industry. 


Opening day is full of hardy handshakes and warm embraces, catching up with old friends, and meeting new coworkers. It’s also a day of training sessions, team building activities, and policy updates. Uniforms are fitted and distributed, tools checked, and trucks and trailers loaded in preparation for the work ahead. The landscape season is officially underway and we are so excited to get to work!

Nate Robinson  

Nathan Robinson’s background in landscape design and project management allows him to see opportunity in any project. He partners with his clients to create spaces that fit the needs of their families, while also creating stunning visual impact. Nate is an Illinois native and proud graduate of the University of Illinois’ Landscape Architecture program. In his time away from the office, he enjoys hiking, landscape photography and spending time along the lakefront with his two Australian Shepherds.

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