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Ivory Halo Dogwood


Bright, variegated summer foliage plus red winter stems give make this Dogwood a favorite. Ivory Halo features two-toned green and creamy white leaves on a compact, rounded form. Small creamy white flowers in late spring are followed by clusters of bluish white fruit that birds relish. Stems are blood red in the winter, providing welcome color during a drab time of year. Young stems develop the most vivid red colors, so old, thick canes should be pruned to the ground periodically. Gorgeous planted in small groups for its brightening effect and winter stem color.

  • Mature Height: 5-6 feet
  • Mature Spread: 5-6 feet
  • Spacing: 4 feet
  • Sunlight: Full Sun, Part Sun
  • Soil Type: Any Soil
  • Attracts Wildlife
  • Easy Care
  • Flower: White


Early in the season, many plants are pruned to encourage later fullness, and therefore may vary in size from the photo and size range. Rest assured, they hold the same glorious potential.

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