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Chalet Farm Honey (7 oz)

Local honey made from the bees at Chalet's farm in Bristol, WI. Nectar from over 100 varieties of wildflowers give this treat a unique taste! This is the 7 oz jar.

Above, Adam Sturtewagen tends to his bees.


Nothing complex about it.

Only one simple ingredient... 100% pure wildflower honey!

From the rolling hills of Wisconsin-based Chalet Farms comes our own Wildflower Honey. There the bees spend their days gathering nectar from a diverse variety of Chalet-grown plants and native local wildflowers, creating some of the finest honey available anywhere. While lightly scented, this honey is multi-toned as flavors and colors kaleidoscope seasonally based upon the cyclical blooms of the nectar sources.

Since honey is one of nature's purest foods, we never pasteurize it in order to retain the artisanal integrity of its innate health benefits & also categorize it as 'raw'. Raw honey will crystallize over time... but this is a good thing. Processed honey takes much longer to crystallize because the pollen (flavor) has been taken out during the heating process. So, with pure, raw honey, you're assured of an authentic taste. To remedy the crystallization, simply remove the lid and put it in a pot of hot (not boiling) water. However, you can also enjoy the solid form of honey, spreading it on warm bread, scones, pancakes, and more.