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Haworthia Species

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Aloe Family

Succulent Plants 

How to care for your plant:

LIGHT: Many haworthias and gasterias will tolerate either bright sunlight (e.g., in an unobstructed southern or western window) or somewhat lower light levels (e.g., in an eastern or northern window) or somewhat lower light levels (e.g., in an eastern or northern window). To be absolutely sure which light level is the best for your species, refer to a succulents handbook or check with the Chalet greenhouse staff.

WATERING: Make sure the plant's soil becomes entirely dry between waterings; but when the time does come to water, do so thoroughly. At least a little water should come out of the pt's bottom drainage holes, but the plant should not stand in saucer water for more than ten minutes. 

FEEDING: Feed sparingly, and only during active growth or flowering. Use a dilute liquid fertilizer at one-half to one-quarter the concentration and frequency listed in the product directions. 

POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: If over-watered, gasterias and haworthias can develop root and stem rot. Also, check periodically for scale and mealy bug insects. Warning: some insecticidal sprays may harm the plant's succulent leaf tissue. Consider using fine horticultural (paraffin-based) oil to control these pests. 

*Each plant will vary slightly and will most likely not be the same plant in the picture. If you order a plant that we do not have sufficient quality plants for, we will arrange for a special order or discuss a close substitute with you.