Dischidia Nummularia “Dragon Jade” 4"

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Dischidia Nummularia “Dragon Jade” is a unique and rare epiphytic plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It has round, chubby and water-filled leaves with? lines close together like a green pearl necklace.  They are known for their symbiotic relationship with ants - they're even sometimes referred to as 'Ant Plants'. This is a hardy plant that is easy to maintain. These plants grow in fairly low light - their natural environment is fairly shaded by dense rainforest canopy. This plant is toxic if ingested so keep away from children and pets.

  • Light Conditions: Bright, Indirect Light
  • Soil & Watering: The Dragon Jade prefers humidity. Spritz with water a couple times a week.  We advise letting soil dry out in between watering. Water one time a week during summer and one time every two weeks in winter.

Plants are constantly growing, ever-changing, and therefore unique. The plant you see in the photo is an example of the plant you will receive. Pots shown in the pictures are sold separately. Purchases of the plant without separate purchase of a pot will come in a black plastic "grower's pot".

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