Calathea, Network 6"
Calathea, Network 6"
Calathea, Network 6"

Calathea, Network 6"

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New at Chalet! The Calathea Musaica is rare and striking with it's unique mosaic-like markings on the leaves. It may be a bit more challenging to care for, but well worth the effort. Calathea's are great for cleaning the air.

Care Tips:

  • Enjoys bright indirect light - east, west, or north window is ideal
  • Too much direct sunlight will burn the leaves.
  • High humidity is important for this plant
  • Avoid cold drafts. 
  • Do not let it sit in water. We suggest putting a tray with pebbles and water underneath the pot.
  • allow only soil surface to become dry to the touch before watering

Plants are constantly growing, ever-changing, and therefore unique. The plant you see in the photo is an example of the plant you will receive. If you would like us to send it in a white or black pot, please select this in the drop down menu above.

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