Aechmea Spirit Bromeliad 4"
Aechmea Spirit Bromeliad 4"

Aechmea Spirit Bromeliad 4"

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A fascinating plant family native to the rain-forests of South America, this epiphyte typically grows on trees and other plants that cover the forest floor.  Aechmea Spirit is a great plant for home décor.  The rosettes of foliage are vase-shaped and uniquely patterned.  The colored leaves are a visual stunner of bands and spots. Endless variations make each cultivar highly unique.  Foliage colors range from hues of green, red, pink, purple, brown and creams.  They very in size from very small, 1" to very large, over 40" wide.  Typically most are anywhere from 12" to 16" wide.  They like high humidity, moisture but will tolerate some dryness.  Indoors they prefer bright light, requiring high light to maintain vivid colors and are a great addition to any home.  Ideal for a counter-tops, kitchen tables, bathrooms, sunrooms or any space that provides the ideal growing conditions. They're safe for pets!

  • Sunlight: Medium
  • Water Needs: Evenly moist at all times
  • Flower: Pink

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