Seasonal Secrets Nov 17-18 | 11am-3pm


Seasonal Secrets
We'd like to welcome you to join continuous demos all weekend by
Chalet product specialists. 
Date: Sat., Nov 17-Sun., Nov 18
Time: 11am-3pm



Lucid Candles 
Enjoy the warm glow of a real flame without worrying about the messy wax or soot. Lucid liquid candles never melt down - keeping their beautiful form forever. They are refillable and burn Lucid liquid paraffin. They are made in Maine by a family run company. They feature the Universal Adaptor – a flexible piece that fits securely into any candlestick.
Botanical Decorations
 Formerly called artificial, now “permanent”, these stems and branches look like the “real thing” and last “permanently”. See the different varieties and how to use them.
Bulb Forcing 
Learn how to “force” paperwhite narcissus and Amaryllis bulbs to bloom for the holidays. Use either the “water in stones or gravel”, or the “planting in potting soil” methods.
Indoor Plants for Holiday Gifts
They are perfect for teachers, hostesses and friends– quick, fast yet stunning.
Accessorizing Seasonal Planters 
Winter planters are perfect for filling outdoor displays. The basic evergreen planter is like your favorite “little black dress” or your favorite suit. Learn how to change the decorations (holly berries, pine cones, colored stems, and more) to create a harvest look to holiday to New Year’s Eve and finally winter.
“Everything to Know” about Permanent Christmas Trees
 Pre-lit Christmas trees are the salvation of marital bliss during the holidays. Learn from the Chalet experts how to set permanent trees up.
Lighting Options 
It is a new world in the lighting area. LED, battery operated. Indoor/outdoor and the Luminea brand that can be stepped on. Learn about the new features and upgrade your collection.
Bow Making 
Visit the “Bow Room” to watch how handmade bows are crafted.