The Charming Witchspire Vignette
Includes the Fall Blooming Witchhazel, Henry's Garnet Sweetspire, and September Charm Anenome
These versatile plants can be used individually to add to your existing garden space or consider using them together. In the mid-to-late spring the Henry’s Garnet Sweetspire begins to flower, lightly fragrant in the warm spring air.
The robust foliage of the shrubs provide screening,
additionally because they are usually pest free, remain crisp into the late summer, when the fall color begins. The witch hazel turning golden while the
Henry’s Garnet sweetspire turns a rich red,
contrasting against one another. As the fall color is underway, the Anemone flowers show off brightly against this back drop. As you approach the planting, the fragrant flowers of the fall-blooming witch hazel
can be detected, adding to the charm of this fall planting arrangement.

Henry's Garnet Sweetspire
An exciting shrub that offers something for every season! Lime green shiny leaves are followed by long spikes of white, lightly fragrant flowers. Those leaves turn to a lustrous red-toned explosion, which persist into the winter! Native to the US, it is seldom bothered by significant insect or disease problems. The flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators as well. With assets like those, all you need is a place to plant it. Good news: it’ll grow almost anywhere in your garden! Full sun to some shade, wet spots or poor soils.
Common Witch Hazel
This great native shrub has a spectacular fall display. Yellow with hints of orange fall color in leaves and clusters of small yellow FRAGRANT flowers. This plant adapts to most garden conditions, from full sun to shady areas. Use it forscreening, or you can limb-up the shrub for a tree-like effect or in the shrub border as a season extender. As far as care goes, very few pest problems, usually left alone by deer and grows easily in most soils.
September Charm Anemone (Wind Flower)
Your gardens bloom time doesn’t have to end in the summer anymore! This easy growing perennial offers pink blooms on long stems up to 4’ tall. The flowers float on the long stems swaying in the wind and give
the effect of butterflies in the garden. These long stems make these flowers ideal to cut and put into a vase to enjoy indoors. Coordinate the pink flowers in front of a shrub with yellow fall color (fall blooming Witch Hazel) to make both ‘POP’ in your garden, or coordinate with red tones to saturate your garden with color.