Chalet "Socially Distanced" Pet Adoption Event

Private Pet Adoption Appointments

Appointments will be 30 mins each and take place in an outdoor space. 

In order to provide a safe and sanitary environment for the volunteers, staff, guests and dogs we have implemented the following guidelines. Please review these before signing up for an appointment.

1. Only 2 people per party are permitted per appointment.

2. Minors must not be left unattended, so please plan accordingly.

3. Please leave your pets at home.

4. Masks must be worn at all times.

5. Entry will not be granted without a mask.

6. Contactless temperature checks will be performed on all entrants.

7. We do not hold animals, and an application acceptance does not guarantee you the animal, just that you have met our requirements for adopting from us.

8. Prior to your appointment, Chalet will send a form via email to registrants to sign and return specifying that you are not showing any signs and symptoms of COVID. 

9. Please show up on time for your appointment.