Chalet | Signature Subscription

Introducing Chalet's Signature Subscription program:

Receive 5 hassle-free planter arrangements and unleash the many other great benefits of our subscription program. Select a design for each season; then sit back and relax while our professional designers create premium quality arrangements just for you.

Thinking about gifting a Chalet Signature subscription? No problem, just contact us, and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible.

Five Fresh Designs

As a subscriber, you will receive five unique designs of your choice for each season. The designs include 4 outdoor designs (spring, summer, fall, and winter) and 1 complementary indoor design (late January).

Free Delivery

Hassle free: Your planter arrangement will be delivered to your home as a complimentary service for our Signature subscribers.

Exclusive Savings

Members of this program will receive an exclusive 10% off Chalet in-store retail purchases every time you shop. Some exclusions apply (pet food, firewood, custom orders, Walpole, delivery and planting services)

$64.99 per month

The program is based on a flat monthly fee of $64.99 (plus tax). You will automatically be charged every month until you choose to cancel the subscription service.

Disclaimers All planters come pre-designed in a 16-inch charcoal colored container. Excludes on-site services. Subscription membership is based on subscribing to 5 concurrent seasons. Designs seek to preserve look/style of arrangement by using freshest, seasonally available product. If product substitutions are made, it will be of an equivalent look and style, so as to maintain the design integrity of your unique arrangement. Subscription membership entitles you to immediate benefits. Payment of $64.99 (plus tax) per planter is charged monthly upon purchase. Subscription good until cancelled. Subscriptions cannot be paused. Planters received through the subscription program are not refundable. In the event the subscription is cancelled, program benefits are cancelled as well. Renewals subject to price adjustments in next calendar year, starting in January 2022. New calendar year offerings are subject to style adjustments, as necessary.

Timing of delivery: week of 9/17 for Fall season, week of 11/19 for Winter season.