Chalet Christmas Tree Decoration Collections

Be inspired by our 2022 Holiday decoration themes, now available online. Our talented home decor specialists have developed eight decor approaches, each with distinctive look and feel.


GLOW is designed to capture a feeling of warmth, festivity and effervescence. These colors include muted elegant blushes and golds with a bit of sparkle.


Christmas Crush

Inspired by rich and saturated jewel tone colors, this theme uses lots of texture, fibers and the metallic and glass ornaments against velvet ribbons and accents.


Crystal + Gold

The versatility of the elegant color pallet and ornament designs make this theme our all-time most popular collection every year and a perfect enhancement for your holiday décor.


Chinoiserie Garden

Traditional Asian blue and white ceramic, glass and porcelain ornaments are the foundation of this setting, along with festive winter foliage and red berries.


Evergreen + Gold

The emerald green and various gold tones make a stunning combination and is gaining popularity every season. This design includes brass, glass, ceramics and faux evergreen.


Nordic Cozy

Imagine walking through the Scandinavian countryside in the wintertime, and discover some of the wildlife and nature represented as ornaments on the tree.



Celebrate Hanukkah in unique and elegant style this year. Some traditional, some modern. These decorations embrace the holiday's traditional colors and symbols.


Sweet Shop

Candy, cookies, pastry, and cooking related ornaments adorn this flocked (like sugary frosting) tree. This whismpical design will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.


Yard + Garden

Adorable holiday gnomes, domestic animals, and floral themed ornaments are in abundance, for gardeners and backyard enthusiasts is the focus of this collection.


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