Wilt-Pruf Plant Protector Concentrate 1 Pint

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Wilt-Pruf was discovered and became the first anti-transpirant on the market 50 years ago. Plants suffer from losing too much water all through the year. Excessive transpiration causes stress, shock, wilting, and plant failure. Wilt-Pruf contains a film forming polymer which offers high density, good efficacy, and even coverage across foliage. Keeps trees, shrubs, sod, and indoor plants healthy and protected against plant damage due to winter kill, transplant shock, wind burn, drought, and air pollution. The unique film forming polymer produces an outside protective coating that weathers off one layer at a time providing long lasting protection for about 2 months during hot, summer conditions and 4 months during cold weather conditions. Simply spray on your plant's leaves as a protective coating

  1. Spray Wilt-Pruf® as long as the spray does not freeze on the foliage while spraying. Allow two or three hours for drying time in daylight (not necessarily sunlight). Wilt-Pruf® is a film forming polymer and needs ultraviolet daylight rays in order for the spray to set up or polymerize.
  2. Shake or stir the concentrate containers (depending on the size of the container) thoroughly before pouring Wilt-Pruf® into the water.
  3. Wilt-Pruf® concentrate MUST be added to water … not water to Wilt-Pruf®. Make sure you have a container to pour the water into first.
  4. Mix it well!  An electric drill with a mixer attachment can be used to thoroughly stir a container.
  5. Once mixed, Wilt-Pruf® may be sprayed with any pressure type trombone, pump or power sprayer except hose end. The more pressure, the better the spray pattern!

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