Farm Truck

You may have heard of “Farm Truck Plus”. It’s where we take several items from Farm Truck Friday, place them in a prominent site at the garden center, and extend the sale price through the next week. This Friday (Sep 1st) is our last truck of the season and we’ve decided to offer the “Plus” items for the whole month of September! The exciting part is its being offered for Landscape jobs as well. In the past with the price only reduced for a week, that wasn't possible. With the month long special, our talented architects have time to incorporate these deals into your landscape design. There are limited quantities, so we recommend taking advantage of this at the beginning of the month! Remember, September is a perfect month for planting trees and shrubs! Select from available delivery dates in the shopping cart. For planting service, please call us at 847-256-0561 to arrange. 

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